Dried apricots look like elbow skin

My friend and colleague Rhiannon offered round a bag of dried apricots last week and, as she did so, likened the dull orange discs to that patch of baggy skin on your elbow.DRIED_APRICOT

While David Dickenson, Hull FC manager Phil Taylor and Dale Winton are sure to have the brightest elbows, Barrack Obama may have elbows that are reminiscent of un-dyed organic Prunus armeniaca. Perhaps cannibals prepare them as delicacies for food festivals and family parties.

Rhiannon’s comparison sparked a debate about other body parts that recall food (steady, now). Others have gone further and suggested that foods that look like body parts actually nourish that part of the anatomy – http://www.bartonpublishing.com/blog/2008/05/27/gods-pharmacy-foods-that-resemble-the-body-parts-they-help/

I can’t see that pickled onions really help with my vision but they can make my eyes water…but so can a good mustard sneeze.

If you have thoughts on which bits of your body are like something from the fridge, do let me know. If, however, you’re hoping to see images of rude food in the style of the BBC That’s Life series of the 1980s, you’re unlucky this time.

Or are you? – http://fabulously40.com/article/id/2159



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2 responses to “Dried apricots look like elbow skin

  1. Rhiannon

    I do hope this post doesn’t lead to too many naughty ‘food-alike’ suggestions!

    What’s your position on dried fruit in general – love or hate?

  2. hilarious – I use to think this as a child, and it just popped into my mind. So silly me did a google search for that exact phrase, and this came up. Nice to know other people are as quirky as I am 🙂

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