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The Great Sandwich Shape Debate

Isn't it marvellous

Isn't it marvellous

I intend to explode the myth that triangles taste better than rectangles when it comes to sandwiches and I implore you to help.

How can triangles taste better? They might look a bit fancy-dan and their two neat pointy corners might make them easier to tackle. But what about when you need filling up and it’s a man sandwich that you need? How then can a triangle satisfy the urges of a hungry hound? Never, say I.

There’s several Facebook groups and other forums promoting the virtues of the triangle sarnie. How quickly their so called members have forgotten their loyalty.

The new debate that rages pits the humble rectangular sandwich against the triangle and I for one, want to pledge my support and undying passion to the true nobility of the sandwich arena.

A chunky doorstep of a sandwich can only ever be rectangular – only the French would have real doorsteps in a triangle shape. A really good doorstep does not benefit from pointy corners. It needs right angles, it needs mustard and it needs three sides of crust.

I urge you to join with me and kick these triangles while they are down and to champion proper sandwiches, only ever in their rectangular form.

My favourite fillings:
Chicken salad, mayo + white pepper and salt (granary bread)
Green back bacon and Dijon mustard (white bread)
Cheese, hoummos, coleslaw (granary)
Banana, Nutella(white bread)
Marmite – just marmite and maybe some butter, nowt else. (white or wholemeal)


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