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Frogspawn Swallows Garlic


Down in the hollows on my drive home I spied some wild garlic growing in healthy luscious tufts.

The swallows are no longer solitarily sitting the telegraph wires but are instead chasing each other across the meadows, while the frogspawn is plump and ready to pop.

Spring’s icy dawn is readily giving way to warmer rays by noon and the Jacob lambs are busy chasing their chocolate-coloured splodges.

The leaves of the wild garlic are wonderful when roughly chopped into a soup of spring vegetables or perhaps a few can be stuffed inside a chicken ready for roasting (recipes for a proper wild garlic stuffing anyone?).

I’m keen to try the leaves as a fragrant wrap for sea bass to take place of tin foil. Inside the fish I shall add a lemon wedge and a little butter but will the leaves allow the fish to steam while retaining the cooking juices?

Cooks from less sophisticated cuisines use leaves all the time in this way but they do not have to clean my oven…

If it works, I shall serve with some new potatoes and, if I’m lucky, some early season broad beans.

Finally, could I serve young frogspawn to accompany a plate of British Sushi??


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